Here on Nazfat we take what we do very seriously. Quality, passion and honesty are very valuable for us.

The staff members have combined their great experience and creativity to create outstanding souvenirs from the finest pieces of olive wood.


On Nazfat we strive every day to deliver the highest quality of wood and souvenirs.


Today we have come with products that are outstanding by its quality and design.

Because of our experience and confidence in our products, we assure and guarantee our customers to have the highest quality of olive wood in the market.

We market products made in the Holy Land by Christian families that live in the Galilee (in the vicinity of Nazareth). All of these families are connected by deep and sturdy roots to the land that they live on and in which rich community life and strong faith thrives.

The workshops where the olive wood are prepared are spread out in villages located in the northern region of the Holy Land, in which people from different Christian ethnic groups reside.

There is nothing like olive tree artifacts to symbolize the bond between the faithful Christian and the Holy Land.

Ever since the story of Noah and the Ark, in which the dove returned to the ark with an olive branch in its beak, olive leave wreaths have symbolized peace. Olive oil played an important role in religious ceremonies and also in the coronation of kings in Biblical times.

It is believed that the wild olive is native to the Middle Eastern region, and evidence of cultivation of the olive tree in the Holy Land dates back to the Bronze era approximately 4,000 years ago.

The olive tree does not shed its leaves. Its roots are long and thick and can penetrate deep into the soil even in rocky terrain.

The tree bears fruit that can be eaten or used as raw material for the production of fine cooking oils, cosmetic products, and in the medical industry. The wood is used in the lumber and building industries.

The olive trees' unique texture and different shades makes this wood ideal for production of souvenirs and kitchen accessories from the Holy Land.


Besides its beautiful unique color and grain patterns the olive wood is very hard, strong, smooth and last for a very long time. Olive wood has even natural antibacterial properties.

It is because of all this Nazfat uses the wood.

The souvenirs are prepared with great loving care, meticulous and diligent workmanship, by members of families that live in the mountainous region of the Galilee in the Holy Land, as mentioned before.

If you are not fortunate enough to make the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we will bring the Holy Land to you!

Our products are hand carved by our artists from blocks of fragrant wood, and their fragrance and appearance guarantee both a spiritual and visually perceptible experience.

When you purchase one of our items, you immediately become linked to the deep bond between the olive tree and the Holy Land, while contributing to the welfare of the families, and acquiring a magnificent artifact that brings the holiness of the Holy Land into everyday life. Even though the Holy Land may be far from the eye, through these artifacts it will always be close to the hearts of those who believe in God.

When marketing our products, we bear in mind not only the important contribution to the livelihood of the Christian families from Galilee, but also the importance of distributing an experience from the Holy Land.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may the Lord's love be with you.