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Nazfat Original Fair Trade

Nazfat "Heavenly Wisdom" Orthodox Icon of Jesus Christ

Nazfat "Heavenly Wisdom" Orthodox Icon of Jesus Christ

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Divine Representation in Art

The Nazfat "Heavenly Wisdom" Orthodox Icon of Jesus Christ is a traditional Eastern Orthodox masterpiece, housed within an elegant red frame. This icon is a testament to the rich color palette and profound symbolism inherent in Orthodox Christian art.

Centerpiece of Serenity

At the center of this icon, Jesus Christ is depicted from the waist up, emanating a sense of calm and solemnity. His golden halo, inscribed with "IC XC" for "Jesus Christ," and the red inner circle, symbolize His divine nature and humanity. The large, almond-shaped eyes, straight nose, and small, closed mouth convey wisdom and divine composure.

Symbolic Attire

Christ's attire, consisting of a red garment and an outer divine garment, is rich in symbolism. The red signifies His human nature and sacrifice, while the outer garment represents His divine essence. The folds and golden highlights of the garments add depth and movement, enhancing the icon's visual appeal.

Blessing Gesture and Sacred Text

In a traditional Orthodox gesture, Christ's right hand is raised in blessing, with fingers arranged to represent "IC XC." His left hand holds an open book, likely the Gospels, affirming His role as the Word of God. The Greek letters on the book, while not fully legible, typically include scriptural passages.

Heavenly Backdrop

The icon's background shines in bright gold, symbolizing the divine light of the Kingdom of Heaven. This radiant backdrop is framed by a bold red border, creating a striking contrast and drawing the viewer's focus to the central figure.

A Spiritual Journey

This icon is not merely an artistic creation; it is a journey into the divine. Its rich symbolism and detailed artwork are designed to evoke reverence and reflection on the teachings and divine nature of Jesus Christ, making it an invaluable addition to any sacred space.

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Crafted from authentic olive wood, this piece harnesses the unique textures and hues of a tree native to the Middle East. Olive wood not only carries historical and religious significance but is also known for its durability, strength, and natural antibacterial properties.

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h:18 X w:14 cm (7 X 5.5 in)

Care guide

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your olive wood piece, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Clean with a soft, damp cloth and occasionally apply a light coat of olive oil to enhance its natural luster. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive pads.

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