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Nazfat Original Fair Trade

Nazfat Communion Cross Necklace - Wheat & Grape Emblem

Nazfat Communion Cross Necklace - Wheat & Grape Emblem

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Elevate Your Devotion with the Nazfat Olive Wood Communion Cross Pendant Necklace

A Symbol of Sacrifice and Faith

Introducing the Nazfat Olive Wood Communion Cross Pendant Necklace, meticulously adorned with a vibrant yellow wheat and deep red grape emblem. Handcrafted with precision in the Holy Land, this necklace serves as a poignant reminder of the body and blood of Christ, sacrificed for humanity.

A Connection to the Holy Land

This isn't just a necklace; it's a piece of the Holy Land's rich tapestry of faith and tradition. Crafted in the heart of the region, each necklace tells a story of devotion, sacrifice, and the unwavering faith of the Christian communities in the Galilee.

Wheat & Grape: Symbols of the Lord's Supper

The deep red grapes, representing the wine, echo God's promises in blood, poured out for our sins. The vibrant yellow wheat signifies the bread, a symbol of Christ's body. Together, they capture the essence of the Lord's Supper, a cornerstone of Christian faith.

A Cherished Artifact with a Purpose

Beyond its spiritual resonance, this necklace stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of Christian artisans. Each purchase supports these artisans and their families, ensuring their traditions continue to flourish in the Holy Land.

Carry a Piece of the Holy Land

Embrace the Nazfat Communion Cross Necklace and let it serve as a daily reminder of the Holy Land's enduring spirit and faith. Dive deep into the stories it tells and the traditions it upholds.

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Crafted from authentic olive wood, this piece harnesses the unique textures and hues of a tree native to the Middle East. Olive wood not only carries historical and religious significance but is also known for its durability, strength, and natural antibacterial properties.

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h:4 X w:2.5 cm (1.6 X 1 in)

Care guide

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your olive wood piece, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Clean with a soft, damp cloth and occasionally apply a light coat of olive oil to enhance its natural luster. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive pads.

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